La Société Ventoux Epeautre The Ventoux Epeautre Company collects and produces Einkorn on the territory where this cereal is cradled (traditionally around Mont Ventoux, Alpes de Haute Provence, Drôme, Vaucluse).

This cereal is generally cultivated in rotation with perfume plants or forages, so does not require any inputs, which makes it a 100% natural Organic product

The stages of our production :

All these operations are carried out just before delivery so as to always have a fresh product.


Le stockage s’effectue dans des silos without any additives.


The first step being the shelling which simply involves removing the skin around the grain.



A suction system will remove the ball and all that is lighter than grain.

Sorters battery

These machines will simply remove whatever is longer and shorter than grain.

Optical Sorter

Finally, an optical sorter will precisely remove the last unwanted grains


Quality Check

In order to have a cleaner grain etween each step, quality control is carried out.

After all these steps, the grain is now suitable for consumption and processing (flour, etc.)

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